NYC Living

Learning doesn’t stop inside the classroom. By earning your Global MBA with Adelphi International you will experience unique opportunities as an international student in New York. From exclusive networking events to site seeing walking tours around New York you will be able to make a local impact in the city that has it all!


Fortune 500 companies are
headquartered in New York.


New York’s position on the
Global Economic Power Index.


Languages spoken in New York.


Of the world’s largest stock exchanges
are in New York.

Check out what is going on near Adelphi Manhattan Center

Adelphi’s Manhattan Center is located in New York’s
Financial District which is outside of the hustle and bustle of NYC!

NYC is the world’s financial capital.

Why NYC? Well, when you’re in an MBA program, it helps to be in the heart of the business and finance capital of the world, moments away from all the deals that are being made. So that you stay bleeding-edge in the classroom and out of it.

Be where the action is.

Here’s one of the coolest things about Adelphi’s Global MBA @NYC: you’re where the action is. Whatever happens in the business world, happens here.
And Adelphi Manhattan is located in the same building as such industry-leading companies like Getty Images, New York magazine, Bloomingdales and Macy’s Studios, Horizon Media, etc.

5 Reasons to Apply to Adelphi’s Global MBA:

#1 Being in Manhattan means the moment you earn your MBA, you’ll have access to the best employment opportunities.
#2 NYC brings the world to you—and you’ll always find someone from your
country too!
#3 NYC is also a major cultural hub, offering the best in the arts, music, food, and theater.
#4 Learn to react in real-time—you’ll be in Manhattan, where it all happens.
#5 The Global MBA takes you into the heart of the financial world.


All work and no play make Jack a dull thought leader. Thankfully, New York City has one of the most thriving and exciting art, theater, music, and food scenes in the world! Whether you’re into museums or hip hop, classic or avant-garde, there’s the best of everything right there for you. In fact, right across the Manhattan Center is Smorg Square, one of the most popular outdoor food and drink markets in NYC. So, when you’re not busy becoming the next business powerhouse, there’s a lot of fun to
be had.

Central Park
Central Park is 843-acre park in the heart of New York City. The park is full of winding paths to explore, and beautiful waterfalls in the North Woods. Visitors can stroll the Central Park Zoo, have a picnic with friends in Sheep Meadow, visit the Conservatory Gardens or check out a show at the Delacorte Theater.
Times Square
With eye-catching billboards, flashing neon lights and Broadway signs, Times Square is an unforgettable destination. Go shopping at many popular retail stores, see a world-famous Broadway show or stop for a photo-op with Times Square’s many costumed characters and street musicians.
Top of the Rock
Take in the views from the Observatory at the Top of Rockefeller Center. Top of the Rock offers one-of-a-kind views of Central Park, Manhattan and NYC’s skyscrapers.
The Empire State Building
Located in the center of midtown Manhattan, the Empire State Building offers breathtaking 360-degree views of NYC from two observation decks. See the city in a whole new way.

Other hotspots to explore:

High Line Park
This one of a kind park is a former New York Central Railroad that was retrofitted and recreated as a linear park on the west side of Manhattan. It’s unique garden and views make it the perfect place for a mid-day study break or to take a stroll with your friends after classes.
Museum of American Finance
In New York it is easy to get take learning outside of the classroom. This Museum features exhibits on the financial markets, money, banking and entrepreneurship of America. However, it is not just a museum, students are able to attend the numerous lectures and readings are also hosted on-site here.
Canal Street and SoHo
These two well-known areas are filled with cuisines and shopping experiences from all over the world. Canal street market is an enclosed food market that is attached to a one of a kind fashion market. Soho is home fashion boutiques found in all the fashion magazines including world-known brands like Chanel, Balenciaga, BAPE and more.
Chelsea Market
This local favorite is a one stop shop for all things NYC. Enclosed is an urban food court, shopping center, and over 80 art galleries. Locals love to come here to experience the delicious cuisine while enjoying art from all over the world!
Hudson River
Just a 5-minute walk from Adelphi’s Manhattan Center you can experience all things nature between Running trail, dog parks, kayaking, rooftop dining, and more!
Restaurant and Parks
Manhattan Center is located outside of the hustle and bustle meaning you can find little parks and authentic cuisine that will make you feel right back at home. You can easily google or yelp authentic and affordable restaurants of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and more cuisines in the surrounding area. Enjoy these delicious meals at one of the many local small parks that surround Adelphi’s Manhattan Center

Return on Investment

An MBA adds value in all kinds of ways. The Global MBA doesn’t just train you to take charge in an ever-changing marketplace—it also increases your value to employers, giving you a much higher chance of getting your dream job.