Learning doesn’t stop outside the classroom. Earning your Global MBA with Adelphi International means unique opportunities to build your career as an international student in New York. From exclusive networking events to company tours, students are equipped with the professional skills needed to conquer the workforce.


Woven into the DNA of Adelphi’s Global MBA program is leadership—the ability to bring the best out of your teammates and execute your vision across a variety of cultural and disciplinary backgrounds. Learn not just to lead, but inspire change.

Global Skills

The world isn’t just your marketplace anymore. It’s your supply chain, your creative team, your home. Adelphi’s Global MBA focuses heavily on building global skills, so that when you earn your degree, you come out ready to tackle everything you come across in your quest to master global commerce.

Career Development

Step 1 in your plan to take over the world: get an amazing job. The Global MBA provides in-depth career coaching, skills assessment, CV-building, and industry-specific career planning insights. We bring you industry-leaders from NYC-based companies with offices around the world. First you take Manhattan, then you change the face of international business.

Professional Development Opportunities

Career Accelerator
As a Graduate Accelerator student at Adelphi, you will receive more than academic, language and cultural growth. The Career Accelerator is built specifically for international students, equipping them with valuable professional skills for a rewarding career in the global workforce.

Exclusive Networking Events

Global MBA students have the chance to attend exclusive networking events, the Adelphi Internationals guest speaker series and more. Most events have professionals from Fortune 500 companies!

Inside and Outside the Classroom

Adelphi’s Manhattan Center is located inside one of the largest business buildings in TriBeCa. The building employs professionals from all industries, including New York Magazine and Horizon Media. Students experience the unique opportunity of working and networking alongside industry professionals.

Get a Remote Internship with CAP Premier

Get a head start on your future career with top employers—and work remotely from anywhere in the world with CAP Premier. This semester-long program, allows you to take additional CAP courses, attend exclusive training workshops, and apply for eight-week virtual internship opportunities. Your virtual internship program with top US companies helps you gain valuable work experience and build your resume through:

  • Training, coaching, and mentorship
  • Portfolio-building projects
  • Networking and application assistance for your next role!


Enroll in CAP Premier and take the next step toward your dream career.

Course Spotlight: Professional Development and Academic Skills (PDAS)

The Professional Development and Academic Skills (PDAS) course is designed to help graduate students develop the skills they need to achieve academic success, to introduce students to trends and publications in their industries and to prepare students for successful employment after graduation.
By the end of the course, students will be able to:
  • Prepare a professional résumé
  • Engage socially and professionally through networking events
  • Attend a professional conference or workshop in their chosen field of study
  • Exhibit knowledge of prominent research and accolades in their chosen field
  • Present two class projects on organization research

Did you know?

76% of Adelphi business students complete at least one internship before graduation.

New York is home to over 50 Fortune 500 companies, full of career opportunities. Internships are the stepping-stones to an amazing job at a top company. As such, the Global MBA program has a heavy focus on getting you an internship.

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