Program Details

Admission to the Direct MAP program is highly selective. The program is designed for high-achieving emerging professionals who are driven to be leaders in international business.

Direct MAP Entry Requirements:
GPA IELTS TOEFL® GMAT Score Qualifying Undergraduate Degrees
3.0* 6.5 (no subscore below 6.0) 80 (no subscore below 18) No GMAT Required unless GPA is under a 3.0. Four-year undergraduate degree, or equivalent, in business, accountancy, finance, entrepreneurship, management, economics, marketing or similar business degree, from an accredited university.

*2.5-2.9 GPA qualifies with 600 GMAT

Master’s Accelerator Program:

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for entry into the Global MBA, Direct MAP (International track), you may be offered admission into one of the Master’s Accelerator Program (MAP) tracks. The MAP gives you the opportunity to improve your English-language fluency and your GPA, as well as to take foundational business classes to help you succeed in your MBA program.

For many international students getting a master’s or postgraduate degree, adjusting to life in the United States can be challenging. To make your transition as easy and productive as possible, the MAP at Adelphi University sets you up for success with:

  • Academic, English-language and cultural support
  • College credit in foundational businesses courses towards your MBA in Global Business Management
  • Access to exclusive courses and cultural events
Minimum Entry Requirements:
Program Track GPA IELTS TOEFL® Qualifying Undergraduate Degrees Length Progression Requirements
Advanced Master’s Accelerator Program (Advanced MAP) 2.5 6.0 (no subscore below 5.5) 74 (no subscore below 16) Four-year undergraduate degree, or equivalent, from an accredited university. 1 Semester


For students with non-business undergraduate degrees, workshops will be required for progression and a 3.25 GPA with no grade lower than a B.

Master’s Accelerator Program (MAP) 2.5 5.5 (no subscore below 5.0) 68 (no subscore below 14) 2 Semesters
Academic English 2.5 5.0 or less 60 or less 1-3 Semesters*

For students with non-business undergraduate degrees, workshops will be required for progression and a 3.25 GPA with no grade lower than a B.

Successful completion of the Level 4 courses.

Total credits required for degree: 45-48 (Pending pre-requisite coursework and arrival testing, a 3-credit waiver may be awarded.)

*Length varies according to language scores

Country Entry Requirements:

Please select your region and your home country. We will show you the relevant qualifications needed for students applying from your country.

Important Dates and Costs:

For all application and payment deadlines, move-in and program start dates, and up-to-date pricing information, please visit the Important Dates and Costs page.

Application Process:

Apply online.

You can click here to apply online, or download our pdf application and email your completed application to

Receive notification of conditional admission.

Qualified students will receive a conditional offer of admission. The offer letter will outline conditions you must complete before receiving a formal offer of admission.

Fulfill conditions of admission.

Conditions of admission include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Proof of English-language ability
  • I-20 request Form
  • Certificate of Finance Form
  • Financial documentation covering the full amount listed on the Certificate of Finance
  • Deposit (amount listed in your conditional offer)
  • Current I-20 and Transfer-in Form, if you are currently studying in the U.S. and will transfer your I-20
Receive offer of admission.

Upon admission, you will receive a packet that includes all the required documents to apply for your visa. If you are a sponsored student, you can now use your offer of admission to obtain your full financial guarantee from your sponsorship entity. Once you submit the financial guarantee, you will receive your I-20.

Get your visa.

Visit to learn more about scheduling your visa appointment.

Prepare for arrival in New York City!

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